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  • brazed plate heat exchanger
brazed plate heat exchanger

brazed plate heat exchanger

brazed plate heat exchangers

Provides a guarantee for users to save investment and freight
1. The structure is compact, easy to install, the use of thin plates has high thermal insulation coefficient, and the amount of liquid stagnation is small.
2. Low water consumption and high heat exchange efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchanger.

3. Low fouling coefficient, high turbulence reduces the fouling coefficient, thus reducing the number of cleaning.
4. Light weight, only equivalent to 20% ~ 30% of shell and tube heat exchanger.
5. Durable to withstand high temperature (250 degrees) and high pressure (45bar) eliminates corrosion problems and eliminates gaskets.
6. High-quality years of operating experience in the heat transfer field and accurate computer-aided design have made Baode plate heat exchangers

Has the domestic leading level in the same industry. Products are widely used in metallurgy, food, light industry, chemical industry, refrigeration and HVAC and other fields